Governmental Accounting Research System™

Professional View

Annual subscription for single and multiple user configurations:

  • Content includes GASB Codification, Original Pronouncements, and Comprehensive Implementation Guide
  • Advanced navigation
  • Powerful search features including suggested terms, faceted search, ability to save searches, and more
  • Open multiple documents and navigate between them with ease
  • Personal annotations, allowing users to create one or more notes at multiple locations within documents
  • Cross references, allowing users to compare, link, and analyze the relationship between two documents
  • Bookmarks that can be added anywhere in a document for frequently accessed information
  • Ability to search all personal annotations
  • Archive feature with detailed differencing between versions
  • Ability to print documents and share content on social media sites.

Academic View

Free access to Professional View:

Basic View

Free Access:

  • Includes the same content as Professional View
  • Browsing by Table of Contents.

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